2019 Work Report

A Summary Report on IofC Work in the 2nd half of 2019

I. Looking back at 2019

What we have achieved:

1. Youth MAD program, through engaging adolescents and their families on an on-going basis, has created precious opportunities for adolescents to identify their unique strengths beyond regular academic work as well as for supporting them and their families through a stage of life marked with turbulent changes.

2. Service-learning Volunteering initiatives have empowered adolescents to become a giver rather than a receiver. Both Pay It Forward and Youth Volunteer Training and Service feature a service-learning model that empowers our participants to become our partners in delivering service programs. It has been a long learning process for adolescents and adults alike to develop trust, patience, mutual respect, among themselves and with the IofC staff, which are essential to effective teamwork and authentic companionship. Adolescents are susceptible to feelings of insecurity and frustration, and this poses additional challenges for the IofC staff to respond with timely support and guidance by leveraging their skills, knowledge, experiences and resources, individually and as a team.

3. Character-building for Next Generations has brought to campus alternative sessions on character-building in an experiential learning approach that enlivens the atmosphere of a traditional classroom, with students taking ownership for their learnings in interactive and participatory sessions.

4. IofC principles and practices have been conveyed through our on-going engagement with our clients and partners, both individual and institutional. We are in regular partnerships with several schools, churches and like-minded NGOs for delivering services and capacity-building activities.

More details ~ Please download (2019-work-report.pdf)